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Consulting Packages

Request for Quote Package for Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)  

In-building wireless systems can be complex, expensive to purchase, and time consuming to deploy.  Let IBW Advisors help you simplify the process and potentially save you thousands of dollars. You will receive a do-it-yourself system to competitively bid the project, cut costs, and reduce risk in your next DAS project. This package is best suited for “middleprise” projects that are 500,000 square feet or less.

Carrier Engagement Services  

Did you know that the radio signals you use to send and receive voice, text, and internet connections via your smartphone are purchased at auctions by the wireless carriers? Yes, those radio frequencies are like a finite natural resource that commands prices deep into the billions of dollars. For example, T-Mobile recently spent $8 billion to acquire a specific radio frequency spectrum to enable the expansion of their presence across the U.S.

Wireless Needs Assessment Package  

Today’s landlords and facility managers have become fully aware of the need to provide in-building wireless coverage and capacity that supports their employees, tenants, and guests. But selecting a distributed antenna system (DAS) that meets their current needs as well as potential future requirements can be a daunting task. DAS technologies are complicated, ever-changing, and expensive.

Public Safety Radio Ordinance Compliance Package  

If you are constructing a new commercial building in your community, it is essential to know that your certificate of occupancy can be delayed until you meet standards (at your expense) verifying that first responders’ radio will function in the building. The developer may also be required to provide proof of annual inspection as well as bear the cost of upgrading the system to support additional first responder radio frequencies. Some authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ’s) are now requiring that existing buildings support first responders’ radio. 


Consulting Services for Contractors  

The demand for in-building wireless networks that support smartphone and public safety radio users is booming. More than 80% of wireless use occurs inside buildings and municipal ordinances frequently require in-building public safety radio networks as a condition of occupancy. If your organization is lacking resources to properly quote an in-building wireless project, IBW Advisors can help. With more than 20 years of experience, our Advisors can provide guidance that will enable you to create a winning quote, secure new business, deploy systems, and introduce you to wireless equipment manufacturers & sub-contractors.

Equipment and Contractor Selection Services  

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve heard complaints about wireless dead zones in your building. A decision is made to move forward with a solution. Now you are responsible for selecting the equipment and installation contractor. But where do you start?


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