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Equipment and Contractor Selection Services

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve heard complaints about wireless dead zones in your building. A decision is made to move forward with a solution. Now you are responsible for selecting the equipment and installation contractor. But where do you start? 

IBW Advisors offers 20 years of experience assisting venue operators with procuring state of the art distributed antenna systems (DAS). Our goal is for you to procure a future-ready DAS that meets your coverage and capacity needs, budget, and wireless objectives. We represent you in making confident, informed decisions. And, we are available throughout the installation to ensure that your vendors meet their obligations. 

Services include:

  • Management of pre-bid procurement activities including wireless needs assessments and RF benchmarking. These activities help narrow the choice of equipment manufacturers and contractors to those that are a best-fit for the project.

  • Facilitating interviews with equipment manufacturers and contractors who are best-suited for the project.

  • Development of a scope of work and bid package. This package is the key element of a request for quote. It is also a means for you to make “apples to apples” comparisons of quotes that are submitted by vendors.

  • Evaluation of bids to ensure that they meet your objectives. 

  • Post-installation equipment testing and verification of system performance per specifications.

IBW Advisors is committed to being your trusted partner to represent you in selecting a DAS solution. Contact our team today for help developing a quote for your next in-building wireless project.


IBW Advisors

1645 E Missouri Avenue

Suite 420

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