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Request for Quote Package for Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)  

In-building wireless systems can be complex, expensive to purchase, and time consuming to deploy.  Let IBW Advisors help you simplify the process and potentially save you thousands of dollars. You will receive a do-it-yourself system to competitively bid the project, cut costs, and reduce risk in your next DAS project. This package is best suited for “middleprise” projects that are 500,000 square feet or less. The package includes the following items:

  1. One hour of pre-bid DAS consulting services.  This critical first step involves a call with key stakeholders involved in the project. We will discuss your objectives, review of the key elements of the request for quote,  and respond to your questions regarding how best to procure a right-sized and cost-effective system.

  2. A scope of work and construction standards document developed uniquely for your project.

    • A concise scope of work document allows you to clearly define the project and make “apples to apples” comparisons of quotes received for the project.  The document also minimizes the chance of change orders due to missing or inaccurate information.

    • This element also includes a roles and responsibility matrix that clearly identifies who owns key tasks in the project.

  3. Names and contact information for at least 3 of the best-suited installation contractors that can provide competitive bids.

    • This includes a template for an approach letter/email to be sent to each contractor who is a candidate to bid the project.

  4. A project plan that describes the key steps associated with procuring and deploying the inbuilding network. This “roadmap” shows you each step necessary and where it fits in the project life cycle. You will also receive a checklist to track tasks and their completion.

  5. Wireless carrier contacts in your region. The wireless carriers (for example AT&T or Verizon) need to be informed of your intent to distribute their signal in your building. Carrier contacts are a valuable source of information regarding future plans to enhance coverage, contractor recommendations, and funding.  

    • This includes a template for a letter/email to contact the carriers and inform them of your plans

  6. One hour of post-bid consulting services.  We will jointly review the bid and provide guidance about next steps involved in moving forward with the project. IBW Advisors does not provide legal assistance or contract preparation services. The documents and information provided will be the foundational elements of an  RFP that cover construction and performance standards, and the pricing associated with procuring the distributed antenna system(DAS). System designs will be provided by the bidders or third parties.

Packages start at $995 and are custom tailored to your project.  To obtain pricing for your next project simply complete the form and we will contact you to review your project and provide an estimate.


IBW Advisors

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