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Carrier Engagement Package  

Did you know that the radio signals you use to send and receive voice, text, and internet connections via your smartphone are purchased at auctions by the wireless carriers? Yes, those radio frequencies are like a finite natural resource that commands prices deep into the billions of dollars. For example, T-Mobile recently spent $8 billion to acquire a specific radio frequency spectrum to enable the expansion of their presence across the U.S.

The wireless carriers are very protective of how their frequencies are retransmitted. For the consumer and enterprise this means that if you are installing an antenna system to boost the carriers signal, you are required in all cases to 1) register your system with the FCC and carrier, and in many cases to 2) obtain the consent of the carrier to retransmit their signal in your building.

That process may seem a bit complex. However, know that there are some benefits associated with contacting the wireless carrier in the early stages of your plans to deploy a distributed antenna system (DAS). IBW Advisors can act as your representative in coordinating those discussions. 

 Benefits associated with carrier coordination activities include:

  • IBW Advisors has carrier relationships across the U.S. We can assist you in meeting the regulations associated with deploying your distributed antenna system. As mentioned above, you are required to register your system with the carrier and FCC. Depending on the power levels and characteristics of your DAS, you will also need to obtain their consent before going on air. The later consent requirement should be completed before the construction start. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in the carrier knocking on your door and shutting down your system. 

  • IBW Advisors can guide you through the carrier funding processes.In some cases, the carrier may be willing to fund part of the DAS system. While these funding opportunities are the exception rather than the rule, it is time well spent asking about funding opportunities. Typically cost-sharing opportunities exist at high profile venues or for corporate clients that have a large number of smartphone users that create a reliable revenue stream for the carrier.

  • Early engagement of the wireless carrier may also mitigate the need for your in-building wireless system. For example, you may discover that the carrier is planning to build a cell site or outdoor small cell network in the vicinity of your building. The addition of that outdoor signal enhancement may result in improvement of the signal inside your building. 

  • DAS specialists on the staff of the wireless carriers are dedicated to helping the enterprise solve coverage problem at their facilities. They know that the bulk of their customers use their smartphones and mobile devices in an indoor setting. These specialists can guide you through their processes and recommend qualified installation vendors in your market. They are also available to assist in coordinating backhaul to your location to support signal sources requiring internet connectivity between their network switch and your building.

IBW Advisors has years of experience managing wireless carrier relationships. Contact our Advisor team for assistance early in the planning stage of your next carrier-driven distributed antenna system project.


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