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Safeguard Your New Installation From  Costly Pitfalls & Unnecessary Expense

Building occupants now insist on nearly blanket smartphone signal and wireless connectivity. However, lack of proximity to cell sites, internal structural barriers, and new LEED building standards often shield buildings from wireless signal. In addition, the accelerated use of wireless devices to access the internet strains the capacity of indoor wireless networks.


In-building antenna systems and other emerging technologies are available that can address the demand for indoor wireless connectivity, but deploying these systems entail complicated procurement decisions and evaluation processes that can take months. How can you be sure that what you buy today will be a cost-effective, right-sized solution for current and future needs?


IBW Advisors provides a one-stop solution to manage the process and provide guidance on best practices for procuring the optimum solution for your unique needs. It all starts with a thorough Wireless Needs Assessment (WNA.)


In This Paper You Will Learn How To:

  1. Prepare a benchmarking study

  2. Avoid costly change orders

  3. Right-size your project by engaging key stakeholders

  4. Create a consistent set of standards for evaluation of bids, post-installation testing, and final acceptance of the system

  5. Streamline the time needed to complete the installation

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The #1 Task that can Make or Break your
In-Building Wireless Deployment


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